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    I discovered a huge lump in my left breast a few weeks before. I was too embarrassed to consult a doctor as it was on my breast. The lump was about 4cmx3cm. It is present exactly on the bra line and hurts when I wear a bra. I applied pimple cream and ignored the cyst completely. But, the cyst turned red and I needed medical help.
    I read online that cyst can sometimes be cancerous. I was very tensed while visiting the doctor and the doctor confirmed that I have got a sebaceous cyst. They are benign and hardly life threatening. The lump is slightly inflamed and I was prescribed antibiotics to cure inflammation. The inflammation was gone, but the lump is still there.
    I have heard about cyst removal procedure from a friend of mine and she asked me to give it a try. Is there anybody over here who has undergone a cyst removal surgery before? How was your experience? Please share!

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