Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture

Made in Korea / For normal to dry skin

Description of the Product:

A luxurious and ultra-light cleanser cleanses skin of surface grime and makeup without a tight or dry sensation. Mild cleansing ingredients effectively sweep away impurities, restoring skin’s pristine state and providing optimal hydration. Use twice a day, gently massaging foam cleanser on damp skin. Rinse off thoroughly and pat skin dry. Recommended for normal to dry skin types.


A foaming cleanser with rich lather for supple cleansing. Shea butter prevents tightness after cleansing, while amino acid cleansing ingredients gentle remove impurities with moisturizing effect.


  1. Release about a coin-sized amount and work it up into a rich lather with lukewarm water.  Massage lather onto face and wash off with lukewarm water.
  2. Use every day to purify pores for brighter skin.


BeBoua’s Review:

Laneige was one of my very first skin care brand and Missha was one of my first Make-up brand from Korea. I didn’t know much about the brand and the different lines they offered. I just remembered it was on sale (unfortunately, they no longer carry it). It was during winter my face was very dry and flaky except the T-zone area, where it was totally oily. So, I decided to try the product (for Normal to Dry Skin). The product did cleanse my skin and did not dry out my face; it actually left my skin smooth. However, it did not remove all of the dirt and make up. It does remove make up only AFTER I use it with the cleansing oil. I’ve been using the product over 6 months and I still have some, little can go a long way! The bottle is light pink squeeze tube and the product itself is pale pink color. It has a fragrance smell that’s not too overwhelming but has a combination of flower-ish & citrus smell. I don’t rely on this cleanser to help my acne problems. I only use this foam cleanser to compliment my oil base cleanser. It works well together but it can get pricy!


  • Good for oily to normal skin
  • Did not irritate the skin
  • Effective and gentle


  • Not for dry skin
  • Can be in the mid – high end
  • Fragrance

Bottom Line:

This product can be expensive for a cleanser. However, some may think it’s worth it because it doesn’t break them out.  For me, the ingredients and the fragrance did not irritate my skin but the fragrance can cause break out for people with extremely sensitive skin. The product does help cleanse the face and keep it soft but you’ll need oil cleanser to support it. I do like Laneige products and I don’t mind repurchasing the product if it’s on sale.

BeBoua’s Rating: